Removing Caches & Other Temporary Files from Mac

Removing programs from Mac OS X often does not consist merely of dragging them into the bin and dropping them. Some applications do not save all of their files inside the folder itself, and by removing them, there are a few traces left on your Mac, occupying unnecessary space.

In this tutorial, We teaches you how to use MacBooster software, which looks for all the software installed on the machine and its usage traces. Just follow the steps below to leave your computer free of traces.

MacBooster - Uninstaller Module

Download & Install the full version of MacBooster. Free Download
This module provides you with an easy and powerful uninstalling function. Please select the item you don't want and click Uninstall button to remove it.
In order to make it easier for you to find and remove the items, you can choose sort items by name, size, and last used.
Complete Remove: For the unwanted applications, you can simply click Complete Remove button to uninstall them completely.
Application Reset: If an application contains its own data and configuration files, you can click Application Reset button to delete all the data and configuration files to reset the application to its initial state. After the reset is completed, the application will start working with a clean state when you launch it next time.