Renamer4Mac makes it really easy to rename a big number of files according to a preset pattern. It lets you rename your files in many different ways:
Search & replace
Insert/overwrite of text
Number the files
Convert upper/lowercase
All can be done with an easy user interface and real-time preview, so you can see how the files will be named just while you’re configuring!

Renamer4Mac is 100% written for MacOS X and it is localized English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese.

What’s new?

Release 2.8
Presets: Renamer settings can be saved and restored
Improved keyboard control
Some smaller improvements
Release 2.7a
Fixed: The plugin is now again a Universal Binary and works again on PPC Macs
When adding files recursively, files AND folders will be added
Italian translation completed – thanks to Kerio!
French translation corrected
Release 2.7
New: Undo function
Fixed: More stable – no more crashing
New regular expression engine: Search & Replace with regular expression now supports UTF8 special chars
All renamers internally revised: Some bugs fixed, less memory needed
New: Holding option key temporarily inverts auto-empty function when adding files
New: Chinese translation – thanks to YaQi Zhang!
New: Slovak translation – thanks to Rudolf Gavlas!
Fixed wrong English translation of Finder plugin
Uses Spotlight MetaData if available (MacOS 10.4) for better file recognition (hidden files and bundles)
Release 2.6.1
No checking of the write permission when adding files
Works again with MacOS X 10.3.0-10.3.8
Release 2.6
A little redesign: New toolbar, new icon, white window
Rename file, file+extension or only the extension
Reworked preferences window
Automatically save and restore the renaming settings
Log file
Possibility to rename files manually in the list
Possibility to individualy sort the items in the list
New number format for scientists
Built as Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
Dutch localization – many thanks to Walther DeCleyn!
Many bug fixes
Release 2.5.2
Finaly the long awaited feature: Recursively reading directory content
Two bug fixes
Release 2.5.1
Added Spanish translation – thanks to Jorge Orio
Regular expressions work again
New number formats: alphabetical (a, b, c…) and music notes (c0, c#0, d0, d#0…)
Release 2.5
Finder contextual menu plugin
Speed optimization when working with many files
Extended and revised application preferences
Integrated help
Configurable table columns
Files can be renamed without loosing file comments
Release 2.0.1
Added Swedish translation — Thanks to Peter Baeckström!
Release 2.0
You can now rename files in different folders
Support for regular expressions in Search&Replace
Redesign of the GUI (brushed metal gui, toolbar, centextual menu)
French and Italian localization
Some bugs as well as well as a incompatibility with MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) have been removed
Release 1.0.3
Modified the number function: You can now choose to keep the original name and append or prepend the number
Release 1.0.2
New preferences window
The security alert before renaming the files may be de-activated
Automatic search for updates
On an HFS file system it’s now possible to rename files, when only the character case changes (for exampe ‘test’ => ‘Test’)
Added Japanese localization – thanks to E-WA!
Release 1.0.1
Removed a few tiny bugs
Added update function to menu

System requirements

You need MacOS X 10.3 or better.

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