Master Mind for advancers: The code consists not only of four colors but also of four shapes. It’s your job to find the secret code through clever trials and combination.

Set four colors and four shapes in the first row and click «ok». On the basis of the valuation you can see what you’ve guessed right:

A black pin means a right pair (color and shape) on the right location
A white pin stands for a right pair on the wrong position
A blue pin stands for a color OR shape on the correct position, but with an incorrect partner However you don’t know, for which tokens you got the pins!
Based on clever trying and combining of the previous valuations you have in nine more rows the possibility to detect the secret code.

Enjoy the puzzle!

What’s new?

Spanish translation – many thanks to Manuel Medina

Version: 1.1.2
Release Date: January 29, 2005
Size: 333.0 KB
Requirements: MacOS X 10.3 or better
Localizations: German, English, French, Swedish, Spanish

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